With a responsive and full heart
We seek to
enriching people society and worldwide
as a financial & social comapny

We aim to work with those in the Myanmar population
who lack access to financial services suitable for their local lifestyle

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News Release18th May, 2018
NEWWe forms a business alliance with Music Securities and Living in Peace
Information18th May, 2018
Mango! and the CEO, Ms Yuko Kato was featured on NHK
Information24th January, 2018
We've renewaled our news page!
Information1st December, 2016
We’ve released our web site!


Maximizing our accumulated actual results in Japan, experience and advantage in Asia,
MJI will grow with Myanmar, and furthermore, aim at taking a key role in finance of ASEAN.


We promptly respond to needs and trends in microfinance field and rising nations.


Our organizing and managing abilities will overwhelm competitors in the market.


In Buddhist nation Myanmar, we are conscious of being both experts as well as human beings.