Messsege from CEO

“The world where no children are crying for poverty.”
It is our goal. I also was a child who had cried due to poor economic situation. With the childhood memory hard to diminish, I stand by our clients and their children’s hearts.

It has been three years since our establishment. Now as CEO, I promise to dedicate efforts to our clients, shareholders and partners.

Our financial inclusion is to grow and support happiness in people’s everyday lives. We believe that unflagging efforts can make change in the world.

Chief Executive Officer

Our Mission

We approach to Myanmar people whom without access to finance, dig their demand,
and offer financial services which are suitable for their local lifestyle.
We dedicate to build as many opportunities for children and poverty through the finance inclusion,
at the same time contribute to investors’ profit.

Future Prospects

MJI aims “maximizing both social contributions and operational revenue” as a microfinance institutes. We, together with Myanmar, grow our business flexibly and in fast pace, to contribute society through financial inclusion. We continue to respond to our clients, staffs, and investors’ expectation, through designing services which suit to Myanmar economy, selecting and expanding areas where loan demands are high, implementing IT solutions for effective management, and offering social / educational / healthcare support other than financial solution.

Foresight services

  • Goal Oriented Saving
  • Remittance System interlocking Virtual Currency

Social Activities

  • Education Support
  • Business Management Support
  • School Feeding Support

Area Expansion

  • Reaching area where microfinance should approach, starting operation speedy.


Maximizing our accumulated actual results in Japan, experience and advantage in Asia, MJI will grow with Myanmar, and furthermore, aim at taking a key role in finance of ASEAN.


Experts more than ten years’ experience in Myanmar Microfinance field, gather both in frontline operational term and management team. We promptly respond to needs and trends in microfinance field and rising nations.

Organizing and Managing Abilities

Local staffs and Japanese experts, living under one roof, bond together tightly. By sharing skills, knowledge, culture and hearts, we can act on and aware of small changes. Our organizing and managing abilities will overwhelm competitors in the market.

Human Leadership /Transparency

In Buddhist nation Myanmar, we are conscious of being both experts as well as human beings. Our mottoes are, doing right, enjoying social contribution, accepting result in humility, being individuals with high standard in human leadership, and maximizing every business resources in all opportunities.

Organizational structure

MJI team, among Myanmar traditional microfinance experts and innovative members from Japan, expands microfinance and MJI method all over Myanmar and set accessible, affordable, and efficient financial network broadly.

Senior AdvisorU Myint Swe

1997 to 2008 - Financial Plan Director (UNDP MicrofinanceDelta Region Project) Microfinance technical trainer for Finance Ministry, Financial Regulatory Department (Best Practice of Microfinance training program in conjunction with EDA and World Bank)

AdvisorIkuko Okamoto

Professor of Toyo University, Department of Regional Development Studies. Joined Institute of Developing Economies in 1992. Continuously researching on Myanmar regions, especially for farming, and village economy, for 25 years. Visiting Research Fellow in Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Myanmar from 1998 to 2000.

At the end of September, 2016

Corporate Profile

Company Name MJI ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment 27, May, 2013
Business Lineup Microfinance, other services
Business License Microfinance Operational License (in Yangon and Bago division) issued by Finance Ministry, Financial Regulatory Department
Head Office No.51 E, U Phoe Tat Lane, Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, 10 Quarter, Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Officers Yuko Kato - Chief Exective Officer
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Branches For more information, please click here Branches
Capital Authorized capital USD8,000,000
Paid-up capital USD2,194,600 (at the end of March, 2016)
Number of Clients 10,290 (at the end of September, 2016)
Number of Staffs 54 (at the end of September, 2016)

Corporate History

May, 2013 MJI ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd. established in Yangon, Myanmar with Capital USD100,000
Nov, 2013 received Microfinance Business Permit
May, 2014 increased authorized capital to USD8,000,000
Mar, 2015 received Temporary License for Microfinance
Apr, 2015 started operation in four branches in Yangon and Bago divisions
Dec, 2015 opened three additional branches in Yangon division
Jul, 2016 received Proper License for Microfinance