Announcement of Third-party allotments

Lwat Laut Mhu Limited excused the third-party allotment of 100,000,000 JPY from PAHLs Inc. on 25th December 2020. Lwat Laut Mhu Limited became an equity-method affiliate company of the PHALs Inc. Afterwards, Lwat Laut Mhu Limited and PAHLs Inc. cooperated in the Finance Inclusion and Achievement of the SDGs, mainly the educational opportunities and the gender gap to the BOP people in Myanmar through Myanmar and Japan International Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Microfinance Institution / Subsidiary of the Lwat Laut Mhu Limited.). Furthermore, Yuko Kato(CEO of MJI Co., Ltd. and Lwat Laut Mhu. Ltd,), A Major Shareholder continues to manage both the company and businesses.

Details of this Third-party allotments

Lwat Laut Mhu Limited confirmed with PAHLs Inc. that “We remain a Social Enterprise” in the Shareholder’s agreement. In addition to that, agreed to pursue the sustainable and long-term benefits in financial and social of the involved stakeholders, not only of the shareholders.

Types and the number of the offered shares: 10,000 shares

Payment amount of offered shares (or value of assets to be paid): 10,000 JPY per share

Due date for payment in exchange for offered shares: 25th December 2020

Method of the allocation: Third-party allotments

*There is an obligation to give advance notice of the sale of shares in the shareholder agreement, there are no transfer restrictions.

PHALs Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)

Chief Executive Officer: Nobuaki Takahashi

PHALs’s business overview is investment and lending to domestic and overseas financial companies. PHALs’s philosophy is “Bringing sustainable happiness to people through the effective utilization of unused funds.”. The origin of the company name “PHALs” is a plural form of “Phalaenopsis” which has the language of flowers said to bring happiness. The meaning of making it plural, we aim to realize sustainable happiness together with partners and friends (group companies / employees) to the world.

Lwat Laut Mhu Limited. (Tokyo, Japan

Chief Executive Officer: Yuko Kato

Our business overview is holdings shares, and management the business activities of a company that engages in social impact in Japan and overseas by holding shares, businesses, and other securities. Our company name is derived from “Lwat Laut Mhu” which means “Liberty” in Burmese.

(Contact)MJI ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd.

Kanji Ito (CSR/PR department of MJI ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd.)

Email: [email protected]

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