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On December 1st, MJI ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. celebrated its first anniversary in its microfinance business and held a Center Chief Workshop and press conference at the Park Royal Yangon Banquet Hall. The Center chiefs (“customers”) from each MJI branch office and company affiliates were invited on this special occasion.
The first part started off with greetings from Ms. Miyazaki, followed by a congratulatory address from Mr. Myint Swe (FDR Yangon and MJI adviser,) and congratulatory message from the Minister of Planning and Finance Government of Yangon Region. A lecture by Ms. Okamoto (MJI adviser, researcher and specialist on Myanmar rural economy at Toyo University) was held after the congratulatory messages and Panasonic Corporation’s product solar storage[1] were also introduced.

More than 200 customers (all women[2]) from each branch travelled by bus in the morning and participated in the ceremony.

In the second part, we held a customer-participating workshop. The presentations and role playing activities which the customers had prepared over many days were performed and the venue was wrapped in a peaceful mood throughout the workshop.

Part 2 Contents of the workshop

Case study [Method of MJI](Per 15 minutes)
[Group1]Presentation by 5 customers from the Thongwa and Kayan branch.
[Group2]Role playing by 15 customers from the Twantay branch.

Case study [Microfinance awareness](Per 15 minutes)
[Group3]Presentation by 5 customers from the Kawhmu and Kungyangon branch.
[Group4]Role playing by 15 customers from the Bago and Daik-u branch.

Q&A session on microfinance
Respondents:Advisor Mr. Myint Swe, head office staff Ms. Nu Khine Zan, and Ms. Hnin Pa Pa.

Awards ceremony
Awards ceremony for Excellence participants for the client workshop. (Presentation and Role Playing session)

A song presented to MJI by over 200 attended customers
(More exciting than expected)

[1] With the initiation of MJI’s Panasonic solar storage loan (By installment purchase), a representative at the Panasonic Asia-Pacific Yangon branch introduced their solar storage product.
[2] All customers are women as MJI targets on providing loans to women.

On December 2, MJI celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the foundation with the affiliated companies, investors and other relevant parties. Ms. Yuko Kato, CEO at MJI expressed her gratitude and shared the vision of MJI in the future to the audience.